Product Design Intern @ Klaviyo.

Director @ Scout Labs, leading teams on research-driven civic and service design in collaboration with The Knox Clinic and the Boston’s Housing Innovation Lab

Completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Design, concentrating in Finance and Graphic Design at Northeastern University. Go Huskies!

Spending my off hours triathlon training, collecting hardwood pencils, and rooting for the Bills. 

DOC 234—34/2

Product Design Co-op
June 2023 - December 2023
Over the course of a six-month product design co-op, I created a host of creative materials at Triple Ring Technologies, a development firm specializing in biotech and medtech. TRT combines technological expertise with commercialization know-how, designing sophisticated medical devices, photonics and imaging systems, consumer health products, and drug delivery techniques. 

Under the guidance of the industrial design team at TRT, I developed my 3D modeling, UX/UI design, human-centered design, and product design skills. I worked on both external, client-facing products and internal marketing and business development solutions, incorporating industry standards, human factors engineering, and design research. I discovered the possibilities of design when it is coupled with expert engineering and scientific input as I worked alongside engineers, physicists, biologists, computer scientists, and most importantly, other designers. 

*Most creative assets confidential

Special Thanks To:
Robert De Saint Phalle, Sheila Hemami
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